Head of E-commerce Manager at Pure Kaktai

Feb 11, 2024Heavy MX

Description: Pure Kaktai is on the lookout for an International E-commerce Manager with expertise in managing platforms like Amazon and Shopify across various markets. This role involves overseeing all aspects of our e-commerce operations, including sales strategy, logistics, and warehouse management, to ensure a seamless online shopping experience. The ideal candidate will bring a strategic vision to expand our digital footprint, optimize our online presence, and drive growth in international markets.


  • Strategically manage and optimize our Amazon and Shopify stores internationally.
  • Oversee logistics and warehouse operations, ensuring efficient fulfillment and inventory management.
  • Develop and implement e-commerce sales strategies to meet revenue targets.


  • Proven experience in e-commerce management, preferably with Amazon and Shopify.
  • Strong knowledge of logistics, supply chain, and warehouse management.
  • Excellent analytical and strategic planning skills.

Join us to shape the future of Pure Kaktai in the global market.

Share your info to office@purekaktai.com

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